Thank you for considering me as a tutor! I am truly grateful for being given the opportunity to be a tutor, and as such, I aim to provide the best experience possible.

If this is your first time receiving tutoring from me, I normally have a short introduction meeting with parents in order to ensure that I am able to deliver the best support possible. Please send me an email or use the form below to schedule a quick meeting with me.

If you have already received tutoring from me before and would just like to schedule another tutoring session, feel free to request for as much time as you would like and you can pay me based on the rate that we have previously agreed on. To schedule a meeting, you can email me or use the form below. If you would like to request a session longer than one hour, please schedule two, back-to-back, sessions.

My hourly prices are negotiable, so feel free to bring up a price that you are comfortable with during our preliminary meeting. You can choose to pay in cash when we meet in person, or through PayPal (please use personal payments).